Heidi Montag’s Playboy spread will be stupid

Last week, news broke that Heidi Montag agreed to do a Playboy spread. Everyone figured it was the next logical step for attention whores like her and Spencer. However, we’ve been fooled.

TMZ reports that Heidi’s Playboy shoot is already done and it’s not that exciting. While she does show skin, two bulls-eyes are covering her tits. In other words, there’s no nudity.

How could Playboy mess this up? It’s not like Spencer and Heidi are master negotiators. They could have given them two options. One was $1,000 to do Playboy clothed. Another would be to do the shoot naked, but they’d get a really heavy duffel bag that looks like it could be filled with money. They’d probably have chosen the duffel bag and would only find out it was full of old phone books after finishing the shoot.

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