Jennifer Aniston sunk her claws into someone new


I don’t know why everyone thinks Bradley Cooper is a douchebag. He seems pretty cool. Which is why it’s so confusing that he would date Jennifer Aniston.

Last month, Cooper denied rumors that he was dating Aniston. He said, “I met her three times in my life. I’m very flattered. My mom loves it, but unfortunately it’s not true.”

That was last month. On Thursday, the two were seen enjoying a coupley dinner at Ristorante Il Cantinori in NYC.

How long will it take for Cooper to find out Aniston is boring as all hell. Do you think he’s going to break up with her after she shows him her yarn collection, after the fifth story about how she was married to Brad Pitt until Angelina Jolie stole him away or after she calls Cooper “Brad” during sex?

You know what. Calling him Brad during sex could actually work. Win win for Aniston.

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