Spencer Pratt is a BJJ blackbelt now

Want more proof Spencer Pratt is a douchebag and that all reality shows are fake? Here’s Spencer on I’m a Celebrity claiming to be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, a level that takes people years to achieve. For more effect, he adds that he kickboxes every day and that her fears no man.

Funny story. Right after he said this, John Salley, the black guy, did one of those “I’m going to kick your ass” head fake-outs and Spencer ran off into the jungle shrieking and quit the reality show.

via CagePotato

  • Laura

    aww, he’s just going thru withdraw from weed. poor baby.

  • Richard Gozinya

    What a boob.

  • he does have a blackfelt u hating fuck, i traint with him in LA, he also does some MMA..

  • Travis

    I will love to kick his ass!

  • AD


    You are either misinformed, lying or simply an idiot. Spencer Pratt is no black belt in BJJ. Even Kevin Casey, who promoted Spencer to purple belt, isn’t a legitimate black belt.

  • Kimbo slice probably will gt beat down on the Ultimate Fighter but it will still be good to watch especially if Bobby Lashely does it also.

  • Aces74

    I would choke him in under 30 seconds …Im a legit purple

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