Hayden Panettiere is single

Hayden Panettiere and Steve Jones have broken up. Wait, Hayden was dating Steve Jones? Um, sure, why not. The two were introduced through friends and they spent two weeks in Cannes. But after that, she ended it.

“I’m single and mingling. Steve lives in London, the distance is a bit too much,” the 19-year-old Panettiere told the Mirror.

It seems that the 32-year-old Jones was no more than a part of Panettiere’s vacation fun.

“Cannes was a great experience. I was on vacation and some friends were going so I decided to come along. It was fun.”

Hayden may have made the right choice. Jones is known for his womanizing ways and his exes include the likes of Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry, model Sarah Harding, and TV host Fearne Cotton.

All those plus Pamela Anderson? Steve Jones’ penis must look like a grizzled war vet by now. It probably tells stories about how it was in Pamela one time when it got lost and couldn’t find it’s way out so it had to survive on the flora growing inside. He probably still gets the shakes when he reminisces about it. Probably why Hayden dumped him too. She got tired of hearing the same story over and over again. [NYDN]

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® Andy
14 years ago

Steve Jones is Wales’ most famous swordsman! His little black book must be a Who’s Who of famous hotties!

14 years ago

well If she needs someone I´m available
she is sooooo beautiful, wow