Dane Cook gave Vanessa Hudgens a shout out at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. Sort of. He tried to make a funny about the second set of nude pics of her that leaked online. Here’s the video. Verdict: Dane cook, still not funny, but he’s great at making people feel awkward.

Cook went up to present the Choice Hottie award and before he did, he shouted out for Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens, excited, waved. Her enthusiasm didn’t last long though. Cook then said, “Girl. You gots to keep yo clothes on. Phones are for phone calls, girl.” Cue the nervous laughter. You can actually see the expression change on Vanessa’s face. Almost as if someone took a dump on her lap. It’s like that Simpsons episode where Lisa goes up on stage and tells everyone in the audience that she doesn’t love Ralph. Then when she gets home, Bart replays the exact scene where Ralph’s heart breaks over and over again. In this case, that happens at the 30 second mark.

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14 years ago

You get props for the Simpsons reference! That’s one of my favorite episodes!