Vanessa Hudgens Is a Strong Contender For Dumbest Coronavirus Take

The coronavirus outbreak has people stuck in the house and worrying about it and saying some pretty dumb things. Like Chrissy Teigen and her $100 soup suggestion. But Vanessa Hudgens got on her Instagram story to prove that she cannot, she will not be out-stupided by anyone.

So like, what’s the big deal about about a global pandemic that kills a bunch of people? I mean, those people were going to die eventually, right? Why should I miss Coachella just because you wanted another 20 years with your grandma?

The smartest thing Hudgins said was “maybe I shouldn’t be doing this now.”

Some twitter users pointed out that this is what happens when you socially distance yourself from your PR team.

When did Matt Oswalt become the good Oswalt? I feel so bad for Patton.

I did not watch High School Musical because I love myself, but I always thought Ashley Tisdale was supposed to be the ditzy one.

This hits the nail on the head. Rich people are just completely out of touch. And while they’re home all day and running their own social media accounts instead of letting an intern do it we’re going to see a lot more rich celebrities show us exactly how dumb and out of touch they are. It’s like quarantine Christmas.

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