Heidi Montag is a joy to work with

Heidi learns how to count

You’re just asking for trouble when you have Heidi Montag perform at a big event for you. Not only do you have to deal with that brainless twat, you have to deal with that insufferable douchebag Spencer Pratt. The Miss Universe Pageant is learning this the hard way. Page Six reports:

She’s scheduled to perform at the Miss Universe Pageant at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas Sunday night, but an insider told Page Six, “They’re a complete nightmare. Heidi has missed many rehearsals” while “Spencer tried to demand that the hotel pay him to lay by the pool” after he and Heidi were comped on the cabanas. “The Atlantis laughed in his face,” our snitch reports. A rep for Montag denies she and Pratt have caused any problems. “It’s absolutely untrue. She’s been rehearsing in LA five days a week for the show, and Spencer hasn’t spoken with the Atlantis.”

To be fair, it doesn’t count as a conversation when the Atlantis laughs in your face before you even finish your sentence. In that respect, the rep is right. Spencer hasn’t spoken with the Atlantis. Also, what else do you expect from Heidi. Have they even heard her music? It’s complete nonsense. Piano cat could perform better than her. You could punch a synthesizer in frustration and it’d sound better than anything Heidi has sang. Heidi doesn’t even know what “work ethic” means. To her, that’s just like AIDS; a disease poor kids in third world countries have.

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14 years ago

I agree with you 100%. Although the piano cat is dead, I still agree.