Melanie Griffith goes back to rehab

Melanie Griffith has checked into rehab again. Her publicist says this was planned in advance much like when you run into a pole and try to pass it off as being whimsical.

“She is there to reinforce her commitment to stay healthy. This is part of a routine plan that was designed between her and her doctors years ago.”

Everyone else says different. They say she’s in there this time to save her 13 year marriage with Antonio Banderas as he’s tired of her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

What’s the big deal? Drunk girls are fun. Have you ever watched a middle-aged woman try to compete in a pole dance or wet t-shirt competition with their loose skin and saggy breasts flopping around? Sooo hot.

[Image: Splash News]

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14 years ago

Oh yeah, woman struggling with alcoholism is so funny.

Carney Shegerian
14 years ago

Melanie Griffin is a person with problems just like the rest of us