Dlisted found this photo of Miley Cyrus’ 9-year-old sister Noah and her friends at a pre-party for the Teen Choice Awards at Level 3 club. As you can see, these industrious young whores have re-appropriated a normal, every day pole into a stripper pole.

This makes me sad. To think, when I was nine, all that the girls in my school wanted to do was point at me and laugh at the fact I had cooties while listening to me vehemently deny it as I choked back tears. Had I grown up in this decade, I wouldn’t even have had to buy a fake id to get into strip clubs. I could have watched girls my age debase themselves without a two drink minimum.

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alan prince
alan prince
14 years ago

nice tits

Les McLaggan
Les McLaggan
14 years ago

Big whoopie. A bunch of nine year olds being silly and posing for a silly picture. Not the least bit provocative and certainly no overt sexual innuendo to it at all. What makes me sad is that a narrow minded prude of a writer would make the comments you have about a totally innocent photo that I am sure those kids enjoyed making simply for fun while at a party. Get a life and let kids be kids instead of reading your own distorted and perverted ideas into it. Maybe instead of calling a nine year old a whore you… Read more »