Katy Perry is friendly

On Friday, Katy Perry was seen kissing John Mayer at Gold Bar, but don’t be led to believe that they’re together. At an after-party for the MTV Video Music Awards, Perry was also seen making out with comedian/host Russell Brand.

The voracious womanizer was seen admiring Perry’s cleavage before kissing her as they sat on a banquette. An onlooker at the Meatpacking District hot spot told Page Six, “They were sitting very close together, flirting and whispering to each other with their faces very close. Then Russell leaned in for a long kiss. It didn’t look like this was the first time. He was looking extremely pleased with himself.”

In his defense, I’d be pretty pleased with myself as well. Katy Perry has a fantastic set of tits. So fantastic that they’re enough to offset her grating music. I don’t want to sound like one of those guys, but I feel like we share this connection. And not just a digital one from the spy cam I planted in her bathroom either. Like, an emotional one.

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