Lily Allen looks different

Lily Allen was at the GQ Men of the Year Awards this year looking completely sober. Whaaaa?!

Granted, the show wasn’t entirely without incident. Kate Moss presented Lily Allen with an award, but got pissy later on and stormed out. Moss was heard saying, ‘He’s so fucking rude,’ before adding that she would ‘never come to one of these fucking award ceremonies again’. Possibly referring to James Nesbitt’s joke, “Kate Moss has still got it. Well, she should do, I gave it to her just before she came on stage. What? I’m talking about my telephone number.” There. Controversy. Are you happy now?

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14 years ago

This is totally pathetic. Lily Allen is not a drunk. The Blog is about Kate moss & insinuating that Lily Allen drinks too much. There’s no evidence of that. Anywhere!

14 years ago

Right, that’s Lily Allen drinking Champagne at the G.Q. awards September 2008 ( a year ago) you’re reporting something that happened a year ago, as news. These stories about her drinking were very exaggerated. People choose either the G.Q. picture (above) or the Glamor Award photo to print a story about how she drinks. She doesn’t drink to excess as you are implying. Hell The Mirror or Sun doesn’t even print those stories anymore. like I said pathetic!