Heidi Montag is a good sister

If you thought Spencer Pratt was the biggest douchebag ever, think again. He might have competition. Appropriately, it comes from his wife Heidi Montag.

Heidi’s sister Holly celebrated her 26th at Empire Hollywood on Saturday, but Heidi was noticeably absent. The reason may shock you. Or not. Sources say Heidi would only attend her own sister’s birthday party if she was paid an appearance fee. Standard practice in these types of situations. If you were a gigantic asshat.

“Holly was really wishing that her sister could just be a sister and stop by her birthday party, but Heidi only goes places if she is getting paid,” an insider snitched to Tarts. “I mean, this is her sister and she wouldn’t even show up without a fee. That’s disgusting.”

This is proof, people. Douchiness is contagious. So whatever you do, don’t go near Spencer Pratt. In the off chance you do come in direct contact with him, doctor’s recommend you protect yourself by punching Spencer in the throat. It’s like a tetanus shot. But much more enjoyable.

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