Jon Gosselin’s ego has grown

Now that Jon Gosselin has squashed his semi-successful reality show, he has to find another source of income. One that’s sensible and realistic. Naturally, he’s decided to call publicists out of the blue and tell them he’ll show up to events for a couple hours in exchange for $30,000.

“He wanted more than $30,000 dollars to show up for just a couple hours,” said one publicist who was dealing with Gosselin for an event. “The funny part was we didn’t even reach out to him. He called us asking to come. We didn’t pay him.”

Gosselin’s brazen request seems to have stemmed from the publicity he got after attending several parties associated with the VMAs.

“He wasn’t demanding big fees before the VMAs, but he wanted $20,000 to commit to another event right after,” said another source who recently dealt with Gosselin. “Sure, it’s publicity when he shows up, but we’re not all of the mindset that any publicity is good publicity, and I wouldn’t say he’s good publicity.” [MSNBC]

I’m curious. Do the publicists remember to say “no” after they finish hysterically laughing at him or do they forget forcing Jon to ask, “Well…?,” after a few seconds of silence. Do you think after Jon hears a click and a dial tone that he calls back and tells them that he thinks they may have been cut off?

[Image: Splash News]

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