Kate Gosselin won’t delay the divorce

On Tuesday, TLC announced that they were dropping Jon Gosselin and changing the name of Jon and Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8. Within a few hours, Jon released his own statement saying he regrets what’s happened between him and Kate and that he wanted to slow down the divorce. Basically, Jon didn’t want to be cut out of the show and wanted to buy a little more time to figure out how to wiggle his way back in.

Kate, however, isn’t buying it. Especially since she found out through the tabloids like everyone else. Suffice to say, she knows it’s just for show and decided to go on as planned to dissolve the marriage.

I wouldn’t want to be around Jon right now. He must be crying into his Ed Hardy tees as he’s packing them in cardboard boxes to send to the pawn shop. He probably named them all too. Not a pretty sight.

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