Brad Pitt Is Relieved to Be Rid of Angelina Jolie

Last week, the long saga of Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie’s divorce started to come to a close after the two finally reached an agreement regarding custody of their six children.

Even though Angelina Jolie was the one who technically filed for divorce, Brad Pitt now seems utterly relieved to finally to have his relationship with his ex-wife be officially and legally over. A Hollywood Life source reported that Brad is now wholly convinced that getting divorced is the best thing ever right now. Here’s what the source had to say:

“Brad feels that Angelina and her divorce tactics continue to be hypocritical, vindictive, vengeful and controlling. The long, arduous process of separating their lives and the custody war over their children has only strengthened Brad’s resolve. He feels more confident than ever that divorcing Angelina has been the right thing to do for him.”

As far, as I can tell neither Pitt nor Jolie have been ideal people or parents through this whole ordeal. These two spent more time dating and getting divorced than they ever spent being actually married (their legal marriage lasted two years).

The rest of their time in the media has been dominated by the details of their s**t show of a divorce. It’s gone from reports of Brad Pitt paying little to no child support to Brad going to rehab to Angelina being so hostile that Hollywood’s most popular divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, couldn’t take it anymore.

And this doesn’t even cover the public swipes the two have taken at each other (usually about how shitty the other one is for dragging the divorce proceedings into the public). All I can say is that it sounds like both Pitt and Jolie suck in their own unique ways.

Reports say that Pitt had been pleading with Jolie to settle custody out of court as he feared a trial would leave the children with “lasting psychological damage.”

Yeah, Brad, I think we’ve passed the kids’ psychological damage phase a long time ago. These kids have been in front of cameras since day one. It’s got to be lousy enough to witness your parents fighting, I can’t imagine the fun of knowing that all the gory details are going to be plastered over the next issue of US Weekly. Not only do you get to hear Mommy and Daddy yell about how much they hate each other, but the rest of the world gets to hear it, too!

Start paying that child support, Brad. You and Angelina are going to need the cash to pay for all the therapy bills these kids are going to rack up.

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