Kate Hudson might be pregnant, rep denies

Kate Hudson was photographed house-hunting with Alex Rodriguez in Malibu and apparently she looked bloated. Many jumped to the conclusion that she’s suffering from that pregnancy thing. Her rep, Brad Cafarelli, says she isn’t.

Wow. That was crazy. Did you read that?! One minute Kate’s pregnant and the next she’s not. Mystery, intrigue. This had everything. My poor little heart almost couldn’t handle the excitement.

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12 years ago

Hudson is an obsessed stalker and that fool should stop insulting people who exonerated his name for that spendthrift poser who uses her sex to contort the truth. Her army of poison spewing media drones need at least 1 brain to avoid the evidence of her violence, her man surfing, the threats they the media and goons issue and her tendency to man hop are a public hazard. She should cast blame for that boy’s problems in her niche and cease her racist and superior uneducated opinions.

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