Madonna’s trainer sued

Madonna’s former trainer Tracy Anderson has been hit with a lawsuit from ex-boyfriend Glynn Barber who claims she swindled him out of $1m and drove him into bankruptcy. Barber says Anderson, discovered to be let go by Madonna last week, refused to pay him a return on her profits from her company he invested in, forcing him into bankruptcy. He says she used her “female charms” on him. Apparently, Tracy Anderson is a leprechaun of some sorts.

“She used her female charms to manipulate me to invest $1 million in her company,” Barber told Page Six yesterday.

“I was an easy target. She told me she was a Power Ranger. She told me she was in the musical ‘Cats’ for four years. She said her ex-husband, Eric, played for the Knicks . . . None of this turned out to be true.”

What is this guy, 12? Who’d be impressed with someone being a Power Ranger or having an ex that played for the Knicks. This guy would probably be just as impressed if you told him one time you shook hands with Angelina Jolie. He’d probably start throwing money at you right then and there and insisting you tell him more. And what are these female charms he speaks of? Is that her vagina? Please tell me he didn’t just refer to her vagina as a female charm.

This guy is obviously a little nuts. He goes on to say he feels sorry for Tracy’s current boyfriend. “I wish there was some way to inform her new boyfriend that he is playing with ‘The Cobra.’ Tracy absolutely has some voodoo capability.” Again with the weird magic allegations. This guy just can’t admit he’s a moron. Instead, he prefers to blame his idiocy on the black arts. He should have seen something was wrong from the get go. If Tracy told me her plans, the first thing I’d say is, “Wait. Stop right there. You said Gwyneth Paltrow AND Madonna?”

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