Lindsay and Leo may be hooking up again

Rumors are popping up again that Lindsay Lohan is banging Leonardo DiCaprio. Recently camera shy after being declared Most Valuable Partyer by, Lindsay hit up Leo’s 35th birthday party under a jacket to hide from the paparazzi. E! says:

Surely she couldn’t be shy about being snapped attending Leo’s soiree? After all, the two have been spending quality time together lately…

Late Saturday night, the actress was photographed leaving his Hollywood Hills house around 4:30 a.m.

Sounds like a potential hookup, huh? After all, both Leo and Linds are single these days.

But according to Gossip Cop, she was just attending an afterparty at his home along with 20 other friends, so that relationship remains to be seen. (Plus the Villa rep swears the two didn’t look romantic together.)

Whatever. Lindsay is hittin’ that. Why wouldn’t she? She’s single and on a downward spiral. Not banging every guy she sees would be like Godzilla not destroying Tokyo.

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11 years ago

no way would leo dip his wick in that sewer! it might fall off!

he can have his pick of all the beautiful girls he wants and lindsay cannot compete with even the least of them.

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