Kevin Jonas has his fairytale wedding

Kevin Jonas married earlier this month allowing him to finally take off that promise ring and discover the joys of awkward sex. Although if you really wanted to know how much of a fruit he really is, look no further than his wedding. The newlyweds talked to PEOPLE about their Disney sponsored nuptials and this is what came out of their mouths.

“I knew that my princess needed her glass slippers and her castle,” Jonas told PEOPLE of the nuptials.

“I always wanted my wedding to have that princess feel,” adds the new Mrs. Jonas. “I couldn’t have imagined this,” she says of her lavish wedding Dec. 19 at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York.

Despite a blizzard blanketing the roads around the castle, the wedding went forward without a hitch, and the bride, escorted by her father Thomas “Bucky” Deleasa, walked down the aisle to “Bella Notte,” from Lady and the Tramp, played on the guitar by a friend of the Jonas family. “I’m an Italian girl. It just fit me and my dad,” said Danielle of the song choice.

How deep in with Disney is Kevin Jonas. Is he contractually obligated to make reference to Disney’s vast library of classics every other sentence? Is this why when you talk to him, he’s always using scenes from The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmatians as metaphors for life? If I had known, I’d still probably punch him in the mouth.

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