Rachel Uchitel did sleep with Tiger Woods

Initially, Rachel Uchitel denied ever having sex with Tiger Woods and even hooked up with celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to maybe sue the National Enquirer. As strange as it may be, the NE was right all along. Again. Rachel claims she was lying when she said she didn’t have an affair with Tiger.

TMZ says the fight at Tiger’s house between him and his wife was caused by a series of texts between Tiger and Rachel. Elin Nordegren asked who Tiger was texting, took the phone from him and called Rachel to confront her. That’s when the two started arguing and the phone broke. TMZ claims there was also damage to the vestibule area of Tiger’s home as a result of the fight which is why they Tiger wouldn’t let police come in. A press conference featuring Gloria Allred which was scheduled for 11:30 today has been canceled.

Golf may not be the most physically strenuous sport out there, but it’s the sport that’s the most dangerous to be in when your wife is mad at you. With football and basketball the worst they can do is throw a ball at your face. Things get dicier when it’s baseball and golf. Aluminum bats and titanium clubs hurt. A lot. If I were married, the only sport I’d want to be in is girl-on-girl Jell-O wrestling. Those fights always end tasty.

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