Brad’s family wants him to leave Angelina

Over the past week, there have been numerous stories about Brad Pitt splitting with Angelina Jolie. They cite the fact that Angelina wants more children while Brad thinks they have enough and that they’ve been generally unhappy together for the past year. Not to be left out, The Sun chimes in.

Despite having never wed, reports yesterday claimed the couple have visited a top Beverly Hills divorce lawyer and signed a £205million split deal to carve up their assets.

The report claimed they will also share custody of their kids who will live full time with Angelina.

Brother Doug, 41, visited Brad in New York over Christmas and urged him to pull the plug on the relationship because it was making the actor and his family unhappy.

The couple have been putting on a united front but a source said: “It’s no secret they have been in a pretty loveless relationship for about a year.

“They barely spend time together and when they do it is very fraught. They want different things from life.

“Brad’s family are being more vocal with their doubts over the relationship. The only thing they still have in common is their kids. That’s keeping them together at the moment.”

Who knows what’s going on with these two. They seem fine right now. But I’d get pretty pissed too if Angelina kept on bringing in orphans from third world countries. There’s only so many places in the basement to chain them to. And Angelina may think more is better, but a lot of times productivity on those sneakers goes down.

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Wish Belkin
Wish Belkin
14 years ago

Brad should listen to his family.
Collecting third world children like pets has been unseemly ftom the first.
It’s a pity that laws don’t apply to the rich.