Kirstie Alley will hit that (Jamie Foxx)

Kirstie Alley has been going on and on about her crush on Jaime Foxx and telling the world how she wants him to be her booty call. In an interview with Oprah to air Thursday, Alley admits “I haven’t been having sex. I want a booty call with Jamie Foxx. For real. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for him.”

Because this is Oprah, overweight people’s dreams are made into reality which is how Jamie Foxx ended up in front of Kirstie via closed-circuit TV. Foxx said to Kirstie, “Kiristie… with Oprah’s permission, I”ll be your boot call.”

Desperate, horny, fat and possibly hungry is never a good combination. Jamie just signed his death warrant. Luckily Jamie didn’t appear in person and escaped being raped and devoured because he smelled like that bacon sandwich he’d eaten earlier.

My god, she tried to eat the TV! And why did Jamie look disgusted when he told Kirstie she looked fine the way she is.

[Images: Bauer-Griffin.]

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