Pamela Anderson had a fashion show

I’m happy to report that Pamela Anderson hosted another one of her fashion shows at Club Play in Miami last night. This time of a line she launched with friend Ritchie Rich. Now you’ll be up to date on what not to wear unless you want to look like a disease ridden hooker.

Pamela should really think about getting a younger, hotter girl to be her proxy at these events like in that movie Surrogates. But the good news is 20 people did show up. Not only that, Pamela got to take home the leftovers. The bad news, however, is all 20 guests thought the A*Muse event was a comedy show. Maybe that’s both bad news.

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14 years ago

Pretty crappy how it seems the photographers who take Pamela’s pics seem to purposely choose some of the most unflattering angles and images.

All the interviews I’ve seen with Pam Anderson she seemed to be genuinely friendly and looks above average in appearance; yet the media tries to make her out to be some old haggy trasher. She actually looks great compared to most 30 somethings even some 20 somethings I see all over the place day to day.