Heidi Montag fired her psychic manager

Last week, Heidi Montag fired longtime boyfriend Spencer Pratt as her manager and replaced him with fellow idiot/sychic Aiden Chase. Yesterday, she fired him.

Sources say Aiden tried to crash the set of Just Go With It, a film with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman, and also tried to poach Audrina Patridge as a client. Aiden denies this happened, but he also has no idea he was fired.

“I have decided to part ways with Mr. Chase both as a manager and as a psychic and will scrutinize my business decisions more carefully in the future,” Montag, 23, tells PEOPLE. “I will now be managing my own career as a strong and independent woman.”

“Unfortunately recent behavior by Mr. Chase on set of both Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman and [on] The Hills have made me question this decision,” Montag says.

Either no one wants to represent Heidi or she’s a complete idiot. Let’s see the time line. Spencer Pratt is her manager and they quickly become the most hated couple in the world. Pratt is fired. Aiden Chase, a psychic, becomes her new manager. Fame gets to his head and he starts thinking he has a real job. Now Heidi, who is a retard, wants to manager her own career which is the equivalent of telling her future to bite the curb and then stomping on its head.

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14 years ago

I like that she had to name drop actual celebrities just to show everyone how legitimate she is or something.
Why can’t she just disappear?