Tiger Woods is cheap

Jamie Jungers, Jaimee Grubbs and Loredana Jolie (former exes of Tiger Woods) competed for $75,000 and a black diamond ring on Howard Stern’s Mistress Pageant. Jamie Jungers eventually took first place while a pissed off Grubbs took second and a $15k consolation prize.

Jungers won with her sob story and her “Tiger is a cheap ass” story. From the NYDN:

Perhaps it was her Oscar-worthy sob story – instead of dishing on the nitty-gritty like the other ladies (“He should envy a 9-iron,” Grubbs laughed), Jungers choked back tears as she said, “I loved him. … I did,” while insisting it “wasn’t about the money.”

In fact, the blond bombshell shared some interesting facts about the golfer and his green: Not only did Woods fly her coach when she was going to visit him, but he also never tipped waitstaff.

“It embarrassed me,” she sighed. “He always expected things to be complimentary.”

I’ve always been confused by people with money not tipping. It’s like the more they have the cheaper they get. If I had Tiger Woods money, I’d be tipping at least 25%. And if the the waitress was hot with big tits and bent over a lot in a low cut top, I’d tip with a diamond ring and a marriage proposal.

[Images: INF]

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fred piercey
fred piercey
13 years ago

As a pizza deliveryman, 100% whites tipped (-b**** whose dog groped me), 50% blacks tipped. Puts the descrimination suit against Denny’s in a whole new light. Note-I got about a hundred black friends, at least.