Charlie Sheen is a negotiator now

Two and a Half Men is the most unfunny show on television. Which is why it makes no sense that it’s so highly rated. This just proves people are idiots.

Further proving that point, Charlie Sheen leaked a report to the press saying he was leaving the show as a ploy to get more money out of Warner Bros. TMZ says Sheen is making $825,000 an episode but is asking for $1.5 million. WB is offering $1 million instead of just saying good riddance.

This deal will be made at midnight on the day CBS announces its new fall schedule [May 19]. Everyone plays the brinksmanship game.”

And there’s this … it’s not going to be particularly easy for Charlie to get a new show, given he’s in rehab and facing a possible jail sentence.

And one well-connected source snarkily said, “Does anyone really think Charlie will walk away from $48 million?”

Of course Charlie won’t walk away from $48 million. Do you know how many hookers and how much blow he can buy with that? About two weeks worth. You know, with inflation and everything.

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