Heidi Montag suing for sexual harassment

Oddly coinciding with the final season of The Hills and the fact that she’ll be out of a job soon, Heidi Montag is going to sue Hill’s creator Adam DiVello for sexual harassment. Heidi claims that ever since she’s gotten new breasts, Adam has gotten really creepy. The last weekend in March was when Adam allegedly got hands-on.

“Adam came up to her from behind and grabbed her with one hand on her stomach and one hand directly on her butt cheek,” the insider claims. “Heidi had six bodyguards with her. They took his hand off her and moved him away from the situation.”

Heidi refused to go ahead with the photo shoot, a move that got her labeled a diva in online reports. Heidi’s husband, Spencer Pratt, issued a statement on March 29, saying Heidi “was sick and she didn’t even want to go to that photo shoot.”

The insider tells Life & Style that Heidi claims she’d been annoyed with DiVello for a while. “Heidi started bringing security to the set because she felt Adam was getting a little creepy. He was very touchy-feely and she insisted he wouldn’t stop asking her to strip down to a bikini for scenes. Adam wasn’t on set much for six seasons until Heidi got her new boobs. And now he shows up everywhere.”

After the incident, the insider claims, “Heidi and Spencer e-mailed the production team and asked to talk about what happened. But after three weeks they’d gotten no response other than to say Heidi was allowed to bring only one bodyguard on set.

Another insider says that if you want to further your career, “You have to stroke his ego to get a big role on his shows.” Hopefully this is a euphemism and “ego” means “penis”. Otherwise, booooring.

However, both Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth say the claims are ridiculous and that this is slander.

I just kind of assumed this is what happens in Hollywood. Especially on reality shows like The Hills. It’s not like the girls there have any real discernible talent. They need to get an edge. Some girls take acting classes to better themselves and some girls blow the show creator.

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