Jenna Jameson loves Tito Ortiz, has drug addiction

Jenna Jameson showed up yesterday with her arm in a brace from when Tito Ortiz allegedly threw her to the ground. Jenna called the cops and had Ortiz locked up. However, Ortiz made the $50,000 bail and was out in a few hours. You’d think Jenna, a victim of domestic violence from a damn UFC fighter, wouldn’t want the guy who abused her to return home so soon or ever for that matter. Well, you’d be wrong. She actually wants Tito back or at least that’s what it sounds like. According to Radar,

It’s not known where Tito will spend the night, because Jenna said “I’m in love with Tito, I hope he comes home soon, but he can’t.”

Oh, but wait. Here comes the surprise twist. Tito Ortiz and his attorney claim Jenna is addicted to OxyContin which is what led to the “incident”. In a news conference moments ago, Tito’s attorney claimed Jenna has had an addiction to the drug for over a year and that Tito and family were hiding it from everyone.

Chip Matthews, the attorney, said “Tito never touched Jenna” and that Jenna had relapsed. When Tito confronted her about it, Jenna was high and lost her balance. Matthews says Jenna’s addiction has led to multiple suicide calls to 911.

Meanwhile, Jenna was packing up to leave for Vegas with two friends during the news conference. When asked, she said Tito was “trying to save his career”. Jenna’s dad is currently taking care of the kids.

Jenna claims that during an argument Monday morning she, “said something very hurtful to his ego.” She alleges that Tito then grabbed her and, “threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder.”

Tito’s attorney Chip Matthews strongly denies that, saying … “He did not put his hands on her, he did not hit her, he did not do anything to her.”

Matthews claims Tito found pills in Jenna’s pants pocket — and that when Tito confronted her she had an “emotional meltdown.”

Jenna says Tito’s addiction allegation is, “completely false” and “the last nail in the coffin” for their relationship.

That part doesn’t jibe with what Jenna said earlier about wanting him back, but I guess that was before Tito called Jenna a drug addicted liar during a news conference.

There’s a statistic somewhere that said pornstars are very likely to turn to drugs. Probably to deal with the fact that they’re being holed out by guys on video 24/7. Maybe I was thinking about this? Anyway, it’s very likely that Jenna is on drugs and just made up the whole domestic abuse things to hide that fact. Then again, Tito has been accused of this before. Who knows who’s telling the truth. Maybe they’re both lying whores.

[Splash News]

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