Jesse James is done with sex rehab

Because Sandra Bullock isn’t an idiot, she doesn’t believe a little sex rehab will fix anything. Therefore, Jesse James checked out of sex rehab after only four days.

An angry James checked out of the Sierra Tucson treatment center, because Sandra Bullock, whom he betrayed with a bevy of babes, apparently wants nothing more to do with him.

“He wants the marriage back,” a source told RadarOnline. “And then she refused to take one of his calls from the rehab center and he got furious and left.”

You can tell Jesse is committed to fixing his relationship with Sandra Bullock. Four days is a long time. He pretty much gave up his entire weekend and then some for her. Not only that, he totally missed that History channel documentary about Hitler. And you know how much Jesse hates to miss his Nazi-related programs.

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