Married Bam Margera denies shoving tongue down Kat Von D’s throat

Onlookers at the Nylon magazine party at Trousdale Wednesday night say the married to Missy Rothstein Bam Margera and LA Ink’s Kat Von D were making out. “They were practically swallowing each other. They were right by the deejay booth, licking each other. Everyone saw.” Photos posted yesterday show that they left hand in hand.

Bam’s rep responded, “Bam is an old friend of [Kat’s]. They did not make out. There are photos of Kat and Bam holding hands when they were leaving the party, but then they were just trying to get through the crowd. There’s absolutely no romantic relationship.”

This rep needs to make up better excuses. How many girls do you see leading a guy by the hand who aren’t going to bang that guy later. If you had trouble counting, the answer is zero. If they’re going to be so transparent, at least make the denial interesting. Like say Bam had temporary blindness and Kat Von D was nice enough to guide him to a cab and that they weren’t making out, Bam was being a gentleman trying to dislodge something from Kat’s throat. Bam’s not a cheater, he’s a hero!

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14 years ago

Ew, they both look like something my cat puked out in last night!

13 years ago

Don’t kno don’t care all I kno is that bams’ a hottie :)