Mr. Carey doesn’t mind being called Mr. Carey

Ever since Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey, he’s become nothing more than a glorified butler. That fact doesn’t bother him any though. Haters gonna hate.

Cannon isn’t offended by jokes about being married to the superstar singer — arguably more famous than he. “I love [the jokes], I welcome it. It’s fun…You take it with a grain of salt,” he told Us.

The star added that he knew what he was signing up for when he surprisingly wed Carey after a whirlwind romance in spring 2008. “She is, to me, the most famous woman in the world. I knew [my life] was going to change, and I was up for it. Considering everything, I was like, ‘hey, it doesn’t matter.”

Nick shouldn’t take this with a grain of anything. This is what he is. He should legally change his name to Jeeves. The only way his life could be more embarrassing is if Mariah literally put a leash on him and walked him around town.


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