“Heroes” canceled, Ronnie James Dio dead

Heroes canceled – NBC decided to cancel their once hugely successful show last week. They were leaning towards renewing it for a final fifth wrap-up season, but they’re confident in their new line-up of shows. Also, Heroes sucks now. It was like they hired a bunch of 10-year-olds to write the story. “It would be cool if this and this happened. Then the guy did this “pew pew pew” and then it went ‘kablooey’ and then he came back to life! So cooool!” NBC may air a two or four hour movie to wrap up the series.

Ronnie James Dio died – Legendary heavy metal singer and Ozzy Ozbourne’s replacement for Black Sabbath died on Sunday. He was 67. Dio suffered from stomach cancer. Curse you stomach cancer. Don’t think you won’t pay!

Lady Gaga is fabulous – Last week Lady Gaga dressed like a bedazzled Hannibal Lecter and used a boy’s head as a writing surface. That boy must feel so honored. Is that the word I’m looking for? Honored? Oh wait, I mean terrified. Run little kid! She’s going to eat your face.

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12 years ago

I grew up with Ronnie.,you know his music magic,I wish him a great journey,to his wife and family,my deepest sympatheys,fare well Ronnie you will be missed by many. Michael