Lady Gaga’s Dog Were The Target of the Year’s Biggest Heist

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I almost can’t believe this story actually happened, it’s basically entirely insane. Someone stole Lady Gaga’s dogs. In the middle of the street. And they shot her dog walker to do it.

TMZ has a security video of the incident, and basically, a car screams up, two people jump out, shoot the dog walker, take two of the three dogs, get in the car and speed off.

We all agree that this was planned, right? People don’t just shoot people to steal dogs on an impulse. They had to know these were Lady Gaga’s cats and took them for a reason.

Gaga offered a reward of half a million dollars for the return of the dogs, which I think is what the dognappers were after in the first place.

Of course, they also shot a guy. Four times. He is miraculously still alive and is said to be recovering well.

And I get that the dog walker here was trying to protect the dogs and I understand how much Gaga must care about them, but if someone tries to steal a dog at gunpoint, hand over the dog.

I don’t think that murdering someone to steal a dog is a great plan, though. If you steal someone’s dog, the police aren’t going to care. If you shoot someone, the police are going to care. These thieves were not exactly Ocean’s Eleven.

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