Justin Bieber got a tattoo

It’s of a small bird on his hip. Two more inches to the right and it would be a tramp stamp. Apparently this is a family tradition making this really confusing. I mean, if they wanted the other kids to make fun of him and kick his ass, why didn’t they just send out a tweet?

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ella x
ella x
12 years ago

my boyfriend got a tattoo how fricking sweet poor thing, it must of hurt so much aww i love him.

allison&macy (:
allison&macy (:
12 years ago

allllison –
okay , wow .thats juss kinna weirdd. i mean , i stil love him and adore him too death ! of course(: buttttt , that juss makes me feel weird about himmmm . haha .idkk , its hard too explain . i love you justin drew bieber <33
foreverr & always ,
allison ?

macccccy –
heyy everyone im kinna grossed out,istill love him and stuff but like not as much as i did beforee but yeahhh. so i still love you justin! so dont forget me!!!!!!byeee!?:)