Kendra Wilkinson has another sex tape

Kendra Wilkinson’s first sex tape hasn’t even been released yet and there’s already a second sex tape of her being shopped around. Radar reports that the new sex tape features girl on girl instead of a girl on dude so mathematically it’s ten times as awesome. One source said, “This is really, really graphic and showing her in compromising positions; things you would think would be embarrassing for her.”

This is Kendra we’re talking about. This would have to be really depraved to embarrass her. She’d have to be hogtied with a ball gag stuffed in her mouth while her partner pees on her to even be remotely humiliating.

Sources say Vivid already has the tape and plans to release it after the first one. Which would be cool. They should turn it into a franchise like Transformers.

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13 years ago

I saw the first one already and found it rather delightful to hear her partner steer the action by his words and she not being argumentative. I’m ready for any further tapes there may be.