Kendra Wilkinson Boning Someone New…Herself

Kendra Wilkinson of The Girls Next Door fame has signed off on her divorce papers. It’s adios to ex-husband Hank Baskett. And Kendra has wasted no time in announcing that she’s in a brand new relationship! Seven months after her separation, and Kendra is falling in love again!

Who is this mystery person, you ask? Are you ready for it? Well, get ready for massive disappointment because the person Kendra is currently head over heels with is…herself.

That’s right. Kendra Wilkinson’s newest heartthrob is none other than herself! Here’s what Kendra  gushingly had to say on Instagram:

“Been dating myself lately. Getting to know myself and even falling in love.”

Okay, I’m cool with the whole self-care thing and being on your own for awhile post-divorce. You know, just be kind to yourself, that’s great. But why do you need to “date” yourself? I don’t even understand what the hell this means; how does one pay court to themselves?

And then we got this tidbit from Kendra’s Twitter account:

Yeah, Kendra, this is not a novel concept. This is something that most competent, grown adults know how to do. It’s called “taking care of yourself.” In fact, that’s something you should know before you get married. If you couldn’t like yourself or take care of yourself, before you were married, then it’s not really a surprise that your marriage didn’t work out. Christ, I just hope in a few years we don’t see Kendra walking down an aisle in a white dress to get “remarried”–only she’s marrying herself in one of those irritating sologamy weddings.

So, if you can date yourself, does that mean you can break up with yourself, too? Do you get mad if you forget to text yourself back? Can you get into a fight with yourself, and give yourself the silent treatment? But, maybe that wouldn’t work because you can’t really ignore yourself or give yourself space from you. Technically, you’re stuck with you no matter what. I am thinking way too much about this and getting far too existential (or maybe just wine-drunk) over it.

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5 years ago

This is called “narcissism”. It’s not a new idea.