We have a new Miss USA and she’s on a stripper pole

Miss Michigan Rima Fakih took the Miss USA crown for 2010. During the interview portion, she was asked whether birth control should be covered by health insurance. Rima answered that it should because it’s costly. Booring.

The point of all this is that shortly after she won the crown, pictures of her winning a stripper contest came out.

TMZ says that back in 2007, Rima competed in a stripper contest for the Detroid radio morning show Mojo in the Morning. Fakih won “jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole.” She left with a bunch of cash stuffed in her bra. She basically lived the American Dream.

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12 years ago

The winners of the radio contest get free pole dancing lessons by trained professional dancers. It is held at 8:00 AM & the club is closed to the public. No men are invited or allowed (except the radio hosts and those who work at the club). Many women are turning to pole dancing for fun and fitness. I was one of the radio winners last year and it was a blast. I am a pole dance instructor and find it frustrating that this young woman is getting bashed for holding onto a pole. I will be attending the 2010 International… Read more »

12 years ago