Dina Lohan almost arrested over ice cream

Dina Lohan is an idiot and attention whore who leeches off her children. So naturally, Dina ran to Radar to tell them an over exaggerated story about how she was almost arrested after she used Ali Lohan’s Carvel “Black” card (“the ultimate status symbol of ice-cream”) to get a free ice cream cake for her son, Cody’s, 14th birthday. Dina claims when the Carvel Ice Cream store employee confiscated her card, cops were called and they even brought in the police helicopters. Carvel Ice Cream is serious business.

Dina said when she went to pick up the cake she ordered, she produced her VIP card and the employee went crazy. The assistant asked for her ID before grabbing her by the arm and taking the card and cake hostage. Dina tried explaining the “Black” card, which gifts free ice cream for 75 years, was a family card. She just happened to pick up Ali’s card by mistake. Dina whines, “Next minute, four cop cars showed up, there’s a police helicopter over head and this guy makes it seem to the cops that I’m trying to use a stolen credit card — and for what? Over a free ice cream?!”

Even though Dina explained the situation to the cops, she says the employee was still hesitant to give back the card. While she eventually got back the card, she still didn’t get her free ice cream. Dina said about the incident, “It just shows how we get treated so much worse than regular people.”

So true, Dina, so true. When regular people are given Carvel Ice Cream Black Cards for their family which gives them free ice cream for 75 years and accidentally bring in the wrong card, they don’t get hassled by the cops. Celebrities suffer far greater injustices than regular people. Like when Lindsay stole that car and kidnapped a couple of passengers while drunk and high and then was arrested and coke was found in her pockets, she had to spend 84 minutes in jail. Bull. S**t. Why do people have to persecute the Lohans like this?!

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13 years ago

When the employee made a fuss over the ice cream cake, most mother’s would have whipped out the wallet and brought the cake home for the party. Not cause a huge incident. This family really has no idea how to behave in public. Can Lilo really be blamed for being so socially inadequate, not understanding how to conduct herself? The parents are lunatics and the kids would have to be lunatics too. I like how mama tard thinks they as a family need to be treated better than the average fugie the whale consumer. The are really dolts. Childish dolts,… Read more »