Mel B has sex five times a day

Scary Spice shared her fitness secret with George Lopez on Thursday. She said she has sex with her husband five times a day. George asked if that was possible and Mel B said it was if your husband was a minute man. Then she winked at the camera. No, she said, “Well, today was a busy day, so it was just three. Me and my husband, we’re the same age, he is my best friend and I guess we’re both just perverts with each other.”

I don’t think I could do that regimen. Have sex with Mel B’s husband five times a day, I mean. I’d feel like we’d need to get to know each other first. Maybe over dinner or something.

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Herman Bumfudle
12 years ago

really! sex five times a day. soundz like she’s a very unsatisfied woman. i’m lucky if i get a little bit of cunt once every two weeks. and i don’t!!! and guys, if you have a six pack, you’ll be lucky if you get it once a year. women get off on eye balling. wtf!

12 years ago

Eddie Murphy must be kicking his own ass for this.

12 years ago

Who the hell would want to hit that mess 5 times a day …please!!!

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