Everyone hates Kate Gosselin

In three weeks, there will be a big reunion of season 10’s cast of Dancing With the Stars. The only person not attending is Kate Gosselin. Because she wasn’t invited. Because everyone hates her.

An insider tells Popeater, “Her invite must have gotten lost in the mail. Of course she was not invited! We all became close during and after the show except Kate who hasn’t returned anyone’s calls or emails. You know it’s bad when even creepy bachelor, Jake Pavelka, gets invited but she doesn’t.”

They go on to say Kate hasn’t talked to anyone since the show, not even her dance partner who spent hours practicing with her. Popeater talked to a relationship expert who explained it’s because Kate is an opportunistic fame whore. He then went on to say that the sky was blue and fire is hot. That guy is really good at stating the obvious.

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Palin Puss Fart
Palin Puss Fart
13 years ago

If its not the crystal meth capitals X governer white trash w cash PALIN
ITS this pathetic excuse for a parent who probably couldn’t name all of her kids if asked.
Fame is so FKUCIN worthless now!