Everyone thought January Jones’ Emmy dress sucked

Let’s get this out of the way. I know nothing about fashion. Jessica Alba could drape a freshly slaughtered polar bear around her body and I’d still comment on how pretty she looked. So I have no idea what made January Jones’ dress, which she picked out from Italian Vogue, at the Emmys so bad. But apparently it was and critics are blasting her for it.

But January Jones doesn’t give a damn. Or at least she pretends not to. When asked whether or not she liked the dress, Jones obviously said, “It’s fantastic,” and that it only took her two hours to get ready. “I slept until noon.” Her boyfriend, Jason Sudeikis, could only muster up, “It’s something else, isn’t it?” Maybe she’s like that chubby kid who gets made fun of for being fat. Laughs with you on the outside but cries on the inside.

Also, PEOPLE asked January about the comments Jason made during Lopez Tonight when he said, “I don’t want to get into it. I’m kidding. I do want to get into it! I do, and I have!,” when asked if he’d seen Jones naked. January said “He’s never seen me naked, nor will he after those comments.”

Ha, sucker. Looks like Jason and everyone else who isn’t part of my underground forum are the only ones who haven’t seen blurry hidden camera footage of her naked.

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13 years ago

Dress is like an alien frisbee or some s**t. Looks like she rolled out of bed with her bed head and threw it on. Bad hair.