Nick Viall of ‘The Bachelor’ Gave His Rose to January Jones

Nick Viall is a bachelor no longer. In fact, he found himself a woman better than anyone he could have possibly found on reality television. He found himself January Jones.

Yes, that January Jones. Do you know a different one?

Viall was on the 21st season of The Bachelor and he got engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi. Like every relationship on The Bachelor, it didn’t last. He started dated January in November. Poor December.

Here’s what a source told Page Six about the couple:

“They’ve been dating for about two months. She went on ‘The Late Show’ in ­mid-November and said Nick had reached out to her and tried to get her to lip-sync battle with him. She declined, but then he asked her out to a drink and she accepted. They’ve been seeing each other since.”

Respect to Nick. He heard January Jones was a super fan of the show and shot his shot. He may have not gotten her to participate in a lip sync battle, but it looks like their lips have been in sync ever since.

Jones told James Corden about Viall, “You don’t know if you like him or if he’s a scumbag, but that’s why I’m attracted to him, maybe.” Well, he was on The Bachelor. I’m not saying that makes him a scumbag, but no one goes on that show truly find love. They go on that show to become a star and meet real celebrities like January Jones.

Jones has a 6-year-old kid by an unknown father. Based on everything I know about The Bachelor, I’m willing to bet that he is not ready for a kid and this relationship won’t last past August.

I’m still holding out hope that Jones and Will Forte get back together. Or she ends with Jon Hamm and gives us the Mad Men ending that we deserve.

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