Gary Busey is a hero

Gary Busey witnessed a car accident in Malibu this week and went right into hero mode. Busey rushed to help the 21-year-old injured in the crash.

Law enforcement sources tell us Gary called 911 on Tuesday afternoon after two cars collided on Pacific Coast Highway … but after the call, Gary was the first person who went down to the scene to help out.

According to a witness, Gary helped slow traffic — and stayed with one of the injured men until paramedics arrived.

TMZ spoke to the injured man’s mother — who told us Gary was “very sweet and caring” … and wanted to thank the actor for all of his help. The mom also told us her son only has minor back pain … but on the whole, he’s doing fine.

Busey seems really nice. If it was Lindsay Lohan, the only thing she’d do is ask the guy if he was holding and drive off when he gurgled “no.” But it must have freaked the guy out to wake up from unconsciousness only to see Gary Busey towering over him grinning ear to ear, literally, asking if he was all right. I would have darted out of that wreck so fast that the only thing Busey would see was a puff of smoke in the shape of my body.

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11 years ago

He’s so beautiful.

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