Paris Hilton is a menace

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits were leaving Boa in West Hollywood, CA Wednesday night when they hit a photog.

Their Bentley was surrounded by paparazzi and Waits was honking at them to get out of the way. He eventually “gunned” the car and hit the woman who fell to the ground yelling like a bad MedicAlert bracelet commercial. Cy rolled down his windows to ask if she was okay, another photog told him “yes” and he drove off. Shortly after, a paparazzo’s eyes filled with dollar signs and he started yelling, “hit and run, hit and run.”

Police came back and gave Cy a field sobriety test. He was detained, but later released with a citation. He’ll have to be in court at a later date. Someone called the wahhmbulance because paramedics transported the man/woman to the hospital for a cut on her shin.

I could have sworn Cy was arrested for a drug related DUI in Vegas a month ago. They still let you drive when they catch you behind the wheel high on weed? Being rich and famous sounds great. I bet if you dumped a dead hooker out of your car and you were a celeb they’d just charge you with littering.

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13 years ago

I don’t know, but I never thought running over somebodies leg would make some one laugh and/or smirk.