Snooki may get her own dating show

According to a report by In Touch, Snooki may be the prize on a dating show. Sort of like the prize pig at the county fair. I don’t know what that means but it sounded insulting.

Life is looking up for unlucky-in-love Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – she’s getting her own dating show! The pint-sized Jersey Shore starlet, who recently called her ex Jeff Miranda a “stalker” and split from former boyfriend Emilio Masella amidst rumors of his straying eye, will search for true love in an MTV reality series, sources tell In Touch. “They are set to make the big announcement any day now,” an insider says, adding that viewers can expect Jersey-worthy drama on the Shore-to-be-hit. Snooki’s pals, like Jenni “JWoww” Farley, and even a variety of ex-boyfriends are slated to make appearances. “One may try to win her heart back, and another may serve as a consultant,” the insider says of the roles her former loves will play. So what will Snooki be looking for in a suitor on the series? “He needs to make me laugh. If he’s not goofy and afraid to be a dork, I’m not feeling it,” she recently told In Touch. The 22-year-old publicly discussed her intentions to star in a dating show last January.

They’re going to have a hard time trying to find people willing to bang this orange troll. Their best bet is to hand out fliers in braille to a bunch of blind people. Just make sure they don’t ask to feel her face. Listening to a bunch of screaming blind people is not a pleasant sound. Or is that deaf people.  I always mix up my disabilities.

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12 years ago

It’s going to be called “Animal Husbandry”

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