Lily Allen lost the baby

Lily Allen’s rep has confirmed that Lily, who was pregnant with Sam Cooper, had her second miscarriage. Her rep told PEOPLE:

“It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper have lost their baby,” the British singer’s rep tells PEOPLE in a statement. “The couple ask that their privacy be respected and that they be left alone at this deeply distressing time. No further comment will be made.”

Aww. This is sad. Why would a baby want to quit Lily Allen’s womb. Especially when it’s probably all soft and full of dulcet tones. I’d understand if this was Paris Hilton. Her womb is full of spermicide and sadness and you have to dodge penises at every hour of the day. I’d bust out of Paris’ womb like the Kool-Aid Man busts through a wall.

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13 years ago

Because maybe she’s had a diet that isn’t baby safe? Contraceptives in the past, maybe?