Gary Busey to Donate Brain to Science

Gary Busey suffered severe head trauma from an accident in 1988 which left doctors fearing he’d have permanent brain damage. He proved doctors wrong by bouncing back to a normal state. Relative to that kid eating paste in the corner. Now he wants to give back.

During an interview in Toronto to a French reporter, Gary Busey said he wants to donate his magical brain to science. As Busey put it in the quote of the year, “It will be a propogational proportion to the pandemically pronasanal.” Indeed.

Cracking Busey’s skull open, one would find scrambled mush, yellow highlighters and loose change. The only medically relevant discovery from his head would be figuring out how someone could survive with 3/4 of their brain atrophied and which horse he stole his teeth from.

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Mr Bater
Mr Bater
11 years ago

Great…his brain and Ozzy’s brain will meld together and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  Mr Bater

The power that could from that…

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