Julia Roberts confronts a photographer

On Monday, Julia Roberts went off on a photog who was snapping shots of her family walking around in LA. Julia didn’t take kindly to the fact that he was taking pictures of her husband, Danny Moder, and children, Hazel Patricia Moder, Phinnaeus “Finn” Walter Moder and Henry Daniel Moder.

While the usually affable Roberts has clearly shown she is happy to talk to the media — whether it be on the red carpet or in press junkets for her films — when it comes to her children, she has made it clear they are off-limits.

In 2007, she famously chased a paparazzo in her car — wildly honking her horn at him — until he pulled over. The usually zen Eat Pray Love star then chewed him out. As she told him to shut off his camera, she said: “I want to talk to you about the fact that you’re at a school where children go. Turn it off!” (See video of the incident below.)

In January, 2009, Roberts had a similiar confrontation with another photographer. In this incident, she was once again caught on camera swearing and ranting at a paparazzo who she claims had been following her all day. The incident happened after she picked up her two children from a New Mexico school.

You’re not allowed to describe someone as “usually affable” if you can run down a list of other times they’veĀ  done similar things and every other story about them is how they were a bitch. “Sometimes affable but usually an asshat” would be a more fitting description.

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11 years ago

They probably got a pic of her face hinge open and a giant PEZ shooting out.

The Blemish
11 years ago
Reply to  chester

Beats the bees shooting out of my mouth right now.

11 years ago

Sounds like she’s the crazy b-tch. Chasing another car where children are present is putting the children at risk. Crazy B-tch!

Joe Barder
Joe Barder
11 years ago

That pap is a pussy. Look at him all,,,,uh, uh, uh,…peeing his pants.

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