Amal Clooney Thinks George Clooney Is ‘Emotionally Cheating’ On Her With Julia Roberts

Wtf does that even mean?

From Gossip Cop:

George Clooney’s real-life wife, Amal, and his movie wife Julia Roberts are at each other’s throats! Now their feud is threatening to end in a $220 million divorce! Reporters for The ENQUIRER have talked to top sources for the inside story of how jealous legal eagle Amal, 38, has warned “Pretty Woman” Julia, 48, to keep her hands off her husband!


Amal Clooney and Julia are “are at each other’s throats — and their feud threatens to end in a $220 million divorce” as a “jealous” Amal has supposedly “warned ‘Pretty Woman’ Julia to keep her hands off her husband.” A source says, “Amal has had enough! She’s sick and tired of watching George cozy up to Julia….To her, it’s cheating — emotional cheating. Amal feels like there’s only room for one woman in George’s life — and that’s Julia. She can never compete with their long history, and now Amal wants out. She wants a divorce — and it’s going to be expensive!”

Considering Amal Clooney is a classy lady and not in 7th grade I 100% do not buy this, but ok.

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