Miley’s handlers tried to cover-up her bong video

TMZ has learned that Miley Cyrus’ camp tried to confiscate any evidence of the Miley bong rip video. Sources say a college student who got his hands on the tape spoke to a rep for Miley after Thanksgiving and asked if they wanted his copy. Obviously, they said yes.

The student was met by a man in his 40s on campus in San Luis Obispo. The student gave the man his MacBook Pro with the bong video in exchange for a new MacBook Pro. No money changed hands so clearly this kid failed Business 101. The same exchange happened with another student who had another copy.

However, Miley’s reps finally learned that their efforts were pointless as the video eventually found its way to the web. Probably sold by someone much more enterprising than those two idiot college kids who asked for the first thing that popped into their head.

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